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Centre for Students with Disabilities - Centre des étudiants handicapés

SchoolUniversity of Ottawa
AddressUniversity Center, 2nd Floor, Room 211-F

Ottawa, ON
Tel.613-562-5800 ext. 2683
ProfileThe Centre for Students with Disabilities exists to promote the independence and inclusion of students with disabilities in all aspects of the university experience. The Centre for Students with Disabilities encourages students with disabilities to get involved in the university community, and believes that all students regardless of their disability should have access to the same services and activities as all other students. We want to ensure that students with disabilities are in the know about everything our campus has to offer, from academic issues, social programming and activities to sports, clubs, groups and student associations, and that they may demand accommodations to access these services should they need to. The Centre for Students with Disabilities aims to be a vehicle for empowerment for students with disabilities to receive equitable treatment. We also offer services and resources to members of the university community who wish to make their offerings more accessible. We can help you design accessible events that will include more of the student population. Whether you are from a student association, club or group or are an interested individual who needs some training in the art of inclusion, we’re here to help you. We provide a number of other services to students with disabilities, such as individualized one-on-one assistance, campus and service orientation, advocacy assistance and/or referrals. We are always looking for volunteers and allies, so please drop by and find out how you can help, or contact us at for more details Overview The Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) is a service of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO), which also serves the graduate student population, thanks to a graduate student levy collected by the Graduate Students Association (GSAED). This service is available to students with physical, visual, hearing, learning, and psychiatric or mental disabilities, and those who wish to make our community more accessible for them. [keep reading…] Other services - useful links The CSD is one of six Student Life Services centres operated by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa and serving the Undergraduate and Graduate populations. These centres exist to help University of Ottawa students succeed in all aspects of student life; they focus on students’ physical, emotional, academic and social well being. The six Student Life Services offer assistance and tools, tips and techniques for coping and thriving in the university environment, and each have specific goals: •Foot Patrol provides two-person escorts during the evenings for anyone who is traveling to or from a destination that is less than 45 minutes walking distance from campus •International House promotes multicultural activities and diversity and welcomes new international students to the University of Ottawa •Pride Centre provides social and community support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, or queer students and their family, friends and allies at the University of Ottawa and in the community •Peer Help Centre offers academic support services such as peer editing, tutor referral, presentation reviews and plagiarism workshops. They also offer active listening and an after-hours Peer Support phone line, as well as resources to promote good mental health •Bilingualism Centre promotes bilingualism at the university and helps students improve their French or English skills or learn an official language •Student Appeals Centre (CRESAC) offer help and support to students who wish to appeal decisions made by the administration of the University of Ottawa. They also assist and guide students who wish to file a complaint against or to receive assistance in dealing with the University of Ottawa •Centre for Equity and Human Rights’ (CEHR) vision is of a University of Ottawa campus community that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion. As such the Centre’s mandate is two tiered: Education and Student Advocacy For more information about any of the other services click on the links above. Although the CSD works closely with many of these services, we cannot answer detailed questions about other services.

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