NEADS.CA Accessibility Features

Accessibility Features

  • "AccessKey" features enabling use of the keyboard (rather than the mouse) to move to specific locations. AccessKeys help users with disabilities navigate through a website more easily as well as creating a "Hot-Key" like feature that benefits all frequent visitors to a site. Windows users can navigate with the AccessKey feature by keying the [Alt] key plus the AccessKey. Users of Internet Explorer must also hit the [Enter] key to activate the link, but users of current versions of the Mozilla and Netscape browsers need only use [Alt] plus the AccessKey to jump to the link destination. Mac users also can make use of the AccessKey feature by keying [Ctrl] plus the AccessKey.
  • To assist the visually impaired, there is complete structural separation of "text" from the "style" or "format" affecting its display by using external style sheets exclusively.
  • Also to accommodate the visually impaired, all "color" elements are defined by external style sheets; there is no color-dependent text or content used anywhere in the site.
  • All text is scalable larger or smaller using the browser's "text-size" function.


  • Alt + 1 activates the Main Menu link.
  • Alt + 2 activates the Main Content link.