NEADS-L Network

What is NEADS-L? Simply put, it is an e-mail based discussion forum for postsecondary students with disabilities, and all others interested in the issues around accessible postsecondary education here in Canada. Whether you are a member of NEADS or not, your comments, questions and contributions are welcomed on the e-mail discussion list. Events that NEADS is participating in, new projects, and other work of the organization are also placed on the network for your information and your feedback.

The discussion list is moderated, and can be set to digest mode, meaning that you will only get one message a day, rather than a bunch. However, since the list is rather new, traffic is fairly low right now.

If you'd like to be signed up to the e-mail discussion list, just e-mail with subscribe neads-l in the message body, with no subject. You will then receive a message confirming your subscription.

If you have any problems, e-mail

By all means, spread the word about NEADS-L to others on and off your campus who you feel might be interested.