Ad Types & Specifications

Skyscraper Ads

Dimensions: 120 x 600 pixels
File size limit: 20k
File type: GIF / JPEG


Dimensions: 468 x 60 pixels
File size limit: 20k
File type: GIF / JPEG


Dimensions: 120x 90 pixels
File size limit: 10k
File type: GIF / JPEG

Ad Rates

The following rates are in effect for 2009 and are based on insertion on either NEADS.CA or NOWS.CA. Discounts are available for simultaneous insertions on both sites.

Ad Size 1 month 6 months 12 months

Accessibility and Other Requirements

As NEADS.CA and NOWS.CA are fully-accessible web sites for students and graduates with disabilities, any advertising must comply with accessibility guidelines. All ads will be reviewed prior to insertion. Those deemed to be inaccessible will be returned to the advertiser for correction.

Advertisers will be required to include a full text description of the ad, including details of animations that may be included. Ads that make use of low contrast or repeated flashing/blinking will not be accepted.

All ads are subject to approval by NEADS. We reserve the right to pull ads that are inaccessible or found to be offensive to our audience. Materials must be provided at least 5 business days prior to requested insertion.