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Centre for Students with Disabilities - Centre des étudiant.e.s ayant un handicap

SchoolStudent Federation of the University of Ottawa - Fédération étudiante de l'Université d'Ottawa
AddressUniversity Center, 2nd Floor, Room 211-F

Ottawa, ON
Tel.613-562-5800 ext. 2683
ProfileThe Centre for Students with Disabilities is a student-run service within the SFUO which caters to the needs of students with disabilities. Our overarching mission is to promote independence of students with disabilities, and we strive to achieve this by encouraging students to advocate for their own needs (and providing them with the tools and support required), creating an atmosphere in which students can share their knowledge and experiences, and by working with the University of Ottawa and its administration to ensure that the campus and its activities are accessible to everyone. In particular, the ASN can assist incoming students with orientation to the campus (including some tips on the best routes from one locale to another), facilitate peer support groups and/or social gatherings, provide assistance and recommendations on means of disclosure and/or self-advocacy, and, generally, assist students with disabilities with anything that goes beyond the academic accommodations already provided by the University of Ottawa's Access Service. We do not directly provide or facilitate academic accommodations (e.g. extra time on exams). Beyond these direct services, the ASN also works to promote general awareness of, and sensitivity to, issues around disability on campus. We work to raise awareness of the fact that while a student might have a disability, that disability does not define the student, and these individuals are just as capable as the rest of the population, both in terms of academics and beyond. We are a member of, and contributor to, a number of committees and working groups on campus which deal with issues of accessibility. If you have an accessibility concern, we can probably point you in the right direction, or we can take your concern to those responsible. Furthermore, we can also provide information about the various types of disabilities to anyone who is interested in learning. Services Available to Students a.. Resource library (in the office) with a variety of publications, magazines, newsletters, and other materials relating to disabilities and life with a disability; b.. Advocacy assistance and support - have a problem, and don't know who to turn to for a solution? Ask us! c.. Peer advice and support (through support groups and networking opportunities) d.. Workshops on careers, job hunting techniques, the legalities of workplace accommodation, etc. e.. Accessible tours of campus and orientation sessions for new students (including tips on problematic areas of campus, ideal routes from one locale to another, etc.) f.. Mentorship program: Would you like the opportunity to speak with someone in a later year who has a similar disability, to learn more about how to succeed at the University of Ottawa? Would you be interested in being that person? Contact us! g.. Partnership program: Do you need some assistance in the library, finding books? Is there some inaccessible service on campus that you have to use, but need help with? We have volunteers on call for just these occasions. h.. ... and anything else a student requests that is reasonable and within our capabilities. For more information about the ASN, volunteer opportunities, the various types of disabilities, or notices of upcoming events, please visit our web site at

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