Montreal Job Search Strategies Forum Report

Closing Remarks

Jennifer Dillon, NEADS

Dillon reiterated the importance of networking when undertaking a job search. It is always best to find help rather than try to do it all yourself. She encouraged participants to prepare for questions that might come up during job interviews, and to know what employment options are available. She said it was equally important for job seekers to know their competencies and skills so that they can present themselves as professionals when networking and during interviews.

She offered some closing words of encouragement. Dont get discouraged if you dont find a job immediately. Its a long process. Remember that there are always other strategies and approaches that you can use.

Dillon thanked all the career counsellors who assisted with the resume consultation at lunch, the exhibitors, the NEADS volunteers, and the NEADS team. She suggested that participants take some time to network, and wished them all good luck with their job searches.