Guide for Students With Disabilities in Transition to College and University in Ontario

A new online Resource Guide for Students With Disabilities: Transition to Post-Secondary Education is now available!

This guide has been created by the Regional Assessment and Resource Centre (RARC) and was funded by the Ontario Government. RARC provides accurate and comprehensive assessments and follow-up services to post-secondary students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD. RARC provides these services to students at Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario and at other institutions across Southeastern Ontario. The guide is available here:

This guide is a way for students with disabilities to arm themselves with knowledge they need to access resources at college and university and to make a successful transition from secondary to post-secondary school. It is aimed to support students as they make the transition in two ways. The Resources section outlines how students with disabilities are supported at post-secondary school. The information is general to all publicly funded colleges and universities in Ontario, is intended to help students and their families know what to expect as they prepare for the transition to post-secondary.

The Colleges and Universities sections provide more details regarding the specific available services at post-secondary schools in Ontario. This section has been compiled from websites and key personnel at post-secondary institutions, with links and contacts provided for students.

This guide is meant as a starting point for potential students as they prepare for post-secondary school and research the different schools that will meet their individual needs. Students are encouraged to continue to research their preferred colleges and universities in more depth, and to visit their campuses before making a final decision.

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