High School Transition

Funding and Scholarship Programs

Photo of a scholarship plaque

A primary consideration for any student interested in pursuing postsecondary education is paying the costs involved. Tuition in many provinces and territories increases on an annual basis. Add to that the costs associated with books and other school supplies, transportation to-and-from campus, and housing expenses for those who live away from home, and the financial commitment associated with higher education can be intimidating.

While some students are fortunate to have enough money saved up for an education, and others have family members who are willing to cover the cost, many do not have these resources. This section provides information on the student loan and grant programs available from the federal government. It also describes some of the major scholarships for students with disabilities, available from various sources.

Much of the following information has been adapted from the NEADS guide, National Directory of Financial Assistance Programs for Post-Secondary Students with Disabilities, which can be found on the associationís Web site, www.neads.ca in the NEADS Online Resource Centre. Funding program information was reviewed and updated during the development of this guide. Finally, it should be noted that many other scholarships can be found on the Internet and from your college or universityís financial aid office.

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