Success in STEM

Sanjeet Singh

Photo of Sanjeet Singh

Software Testing Engineer, Novatel Inc.

Novatel Inc. is a leading Calgary-based manufacturer of precision GPS systems used around the world. Sanjeet Singh is employed there as a software testing engineer. He started with the company after having completed a BSc in electrical Engineering and an MSc in Geomatics Engineering at the Shulich Engineering School of the University of Calgary. Sanjeet knew that he wanted to work in a technology-related job from as far back as he can remember, despite his visual impairment. Receiving encouragement from his family and those close to him, Sanjeet was able to make his way through both of his programs at university as well as complete an internship with Nortel through his university’s internship program.

There were certainly challenges along the way, however. Sanjeet first had to convince his family and the university administration that he truly wanted to study engineering and that his dedication would see him through all of the trials he would face while at school. Some of the lectures dealt with subject matter that was primarily visual, and the practical labs required more time for Sanjeet than they did students with normal vision. But he persevered and ultimately succeeded in attaining his MSc. By using the skills he developed in the classroom and as an intern, he was able to network with previous coworkers and people he had met during engineering conferences and other functions, and obtain a job in his field that he would not trade for any other. Sanjeet recommends that students and young professionals persevere, be patient, and plan their education and career goals according to their dreams and passions.