Success in STEM

How to Use This Guide

The guide is intended primarily for students with disabilities, although it also includes some material aimed at educators and employers.

The guide is divided into easy-to-access sections. It is not necessary to read the whole guide all at once. Instead, you may read individual sections as they apply to you. The material is available online at and in the electronic (CD) versions of the guide and is divided so that each section is separately accessible from the table of contents. If your interest is in the stories of those people with disabilities who have succeeded in science and technology-related fields, for example, we refer you to the profiles throughout the guide. If, on the other hand, you seek advice on dispelling common myths in the workplace about persons with disabilities in science and technology-related fields, you may go directly to the appropriate section on workplace rights.

We invite you also to explore the links online at our website that direct you to the extensive set of resources researched for the guide.