Regina Job Search Strategies Forum Report

Final Tips for Your Job Search

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Jennifer Dillon, Job Search Strategies Consultant, NEADS

Jennifer Dillon said participants must develop a good support system to help them through their job search. A job search takes effort and energy, and a strong support system is essential. She encouraged participants to build their professional brand. “Put some thought into what your strengths are, and what you want people to know about you,” she said.

Think about disclosure and what accommodations might be required to perform the job. Job seekers should be ready to confidently present this information to a potential employer.

Networking—and building that network as students—is crucial.

Dillon said participants should prepare for interviews, and know what to expect. Those who are not getting the response they had hoped for should consider adjusting their strategy. Those who are not getting called for interviews should revise their resumés. Those who are getting interviews but not getting job offers should polish their interview skills.

Participants moving into the next stage of their job search should keep an open mind, said Dillon. “Always put your best foot forward. Recognize the small rewards. Over time they’ll add up. Career development is a journey.”