Montreal Job Search Strategies Forum Report

Equity Through Education Program Vision

Filip Papich, BMO Capital Markets

Filip Papich said that BMO is pleased to be a sponsor of this series of workshops. These Job Search Strategies Forums bring together students, employers, and government agencies to create barrier-free environments and improve the transition from school to the workplace. Papich said, “NEADS is a wonderful resource for those looking to attract top employees.” He said he is struck by the many initiatives NEADS has developed between all stakeholders: organizations, governments, universities and colleges, and those with disabilities.

The Equity for Education Program is a way for BMO to demonstrate its commitment to diversity. The program supports bright, talented people, providing them with opportunities to realize their ambitions. With $6.5 million in funding, Equity through Education is able to support over 2,000 students across North America. This funding translates into improved access to post-secondary studies and a successful transition from school to the workplace.

BMO’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace enables clients to feel welcomed, understood, and represented. Papich said BMO’s efforts to create an inclusive work environment are “not a philanthropic pursuit,” but are entirely business-oriented. BMO’s success lies in its consideration and accommodation of clients’ needs. The company provides adaptive technology and job-readiness training. BMO’s places of business are more accessible to employees and customers with disabilities, which has provided a competitive advantage and tripled business. Self-directed affinity groups for the hard of hearing, the blind, and those with physical and invisible disabilities, enable employees to reach their full potential and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

Papich said, “BMO is a great place to work.” He stressed the importance of building a workplace around people. He called for a more diverse workforce at all levels of business, including hiring, development, and promotion.

Following a video presentation on the impact of BMO’s Equity Through Education Program on students who have benefited from the initiative, Jennifer Dillon, the Job Search Strategies Project Consultant with NEADS thanked Papich and BMO for their support.