Halifax Job Search Strategies Forum Report

Final Comments

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Jennifer Dillon, Job Search Strategies Consultant, NEADS

Jennifer Dillon thanked participants for coming. “I hope as you move forward you will put some thought into the professional and specialized brand you will create for yourself.”

She said if an applicant chooses to disclose a disability, it should be done smoothly. Rather than too much information and detail about the disability and the condition, “an employer wants to know how you’re going to do the job. The focus should remain on you being able to do the job.”

Dillon offered some final advice to those applying for jobs.

“Have an interview outfit ready, stay in touch with references, and tailor your resumé. If you aren’t getting any responses, you may need some resumé help.” Take advantage of short-term work and contracts, find encouragement and support, and make professional contacts where possible.