Calgary Job Search Strategies Forum Report

Closing Remarks

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Jennifer Dillon, Job Search Strategies Consultant, National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS)

Dillon emphasized the importance of developing a “professional and more competitive brand,” especially in the changing job market. Addressing issues of disclosure and accommodation is different for each individual.

“Disclosure and accommodation are about making the right choices for you; take time and reflect,” she said. The guiding questions should be, “How do you want disclosure to work for you? What would be the best approach? What do you need? When do you have that discussion with your employer? What aspects of the job would I require accommodation for?”

Job seekers should always practice for interviews so that “you have ideas at your fingertips, have questions for the employer, and show interest in the company as a whole.” Dillon said lifelong learning is very important. “You may be just finishing your program but need to always be building your career. It is a process and a matter of getting experience. You may identify things you don’t like and what you would like to pursue further,” she said.

Dillon thanked the speakers, the exhibitors, the NEADS volunteers, and the technical support team. She asked that participants fill out evaluation forms and she said that an evaluation would also be sent via email. She thanked everyone for participating and wished them well in their job searches.