Programme de bourses de l’AQEIPS : édition spéciale du 25e anniversaire!

The Québec Association for Equity and Inclusion in Post-Secondary Education (AQEIPS) is proud to launch the 25th edition of its bursary program for post-secondary students with disabilities (SWD). The goal of the program is to support SWD who often face increased costs and barriers when pursuing their post-secondary education. The program also serves to encourage students to persevere on their path to a higher education. Our bursary program is made possible by the generous donations of donors, partners, and members.

In order to be eligible for the bursary program, you must:
    Be registered in at least one class in a post-secondary institution located in the province of Québec between September 2023 and April 2024;
    Be a member of AQEIPS (link to our membership form);
    Be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Québec, or have refugee status;
    Have a permanent disability*.
* A permanent disability is a permanent functional limitation which affects the ability of the student to participate fully in post-secondary education. (NEADS, 2023)