University of Victoria (UVic) Society for Students with a Disability (SSD) Food Security Program: Summer 2022


The intention of this program is to reduce financial barriers for University of Victoria (UVic) students with disabilities. This program began due to COVID-19 pandemic-related social distancing and/or self- quarantine precautions, though is now serving to increase food security and access to food for disabled students at UVic.


This program is only applicable to members of the SSD. This includes students at UVic who:

    a) self-identify as having one or more disabilities, and
    b) are members in good standing of either the UVSS or the GSS. It does not include associate members of the SSD.

SSD Council Members are eligible for this program. The program is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis until budgeted funds are exhausted.


The scope of this program during the summer offers only one option:

Grocery Reimbursement

Allows for the purchase of groceries including perishable/non perishable or take-out food items for a maximum of $150 for individual students and up to $250 for students with dependents per semester.

The last day to register for this program online is Monday August 8th 2022.  Grocery Reimbursement Program itemized receipts and cheque requisition must be received no later than Monday August 15th 2022 in order to be processed. The receipts included must be from costs incurred during the Summer Session, as defined in the UVic Academic Calendar. Documents can be submitted online by emailing  or in physical form to the SSD office in the student union building room B111 or our office mailbox in the general office of the UVSS room B128.

Grocery Reimbursement Applicants will receive an email with a filled cheque-req template to complete and provide their receipts with.

Students applying as having dependents are required to show government ID for those dependents, which can be presented either in person to SSD staff or a photo/scan emailed to for verification. These emails will be deleted as soon as they have been verified and will only be viewed by the SSD treasurer.

If you can not deliver these forms in person or via email please ensure we receive them by mail in our office by Monday July 25th 2022 at Society for Students with a Disability, UVic Students’ Society, University of Victoria, PO Box 3035 STN CSC, Victoria BC V8W 3P3, Canada.
Limitation for Grocery Reimbursement

The following guidelines are included to clarify the definition of each eligible category for reimbursement; they are not exclusive:

    Perishable / Non Perishable Food Items

Examples: Fruits, vegetables, dairy, dairy alternatives, frozen meals, frozen fruits and vegetables, meat and meat-alternatives, eggs, pasta, canned foods, dried foods, granola bars, rice, grains, prepared meals, meal replacements.

    Take-Out Food Items

Examples: Skip the dishes, UberEats, Tutti, pre-prepared meals such as a main dish, side or drink.


To register please visit our website at and find our Food Security Program application under our “Campaigns and Advocacy” page. There, you will apply through our website. Our online application requires the following information from each applicant:

    A Verification of Enrollment (this can be found online at – Online tools → Student services → Tools & forms → Online Request Forms →  Verification of Enrolment)

Note: if you cannot generate a Verification of Enrollment in the summer semester please liaise with the treasurer at for alternate options

    Student number
    Current living address
    Phone number

Cutoff date for registration to the program for the UVic Society for Students with a Disability (SSD) COVID-19 Food Security Social Distancing Support Program Summer 2022 is Monday August 8th 2022. Filled out cheque requisition and receipts must be received in a legible format and received no later than Monday August 15th 2022. Cheques processing can take up to 3-4 weeks.


Students will follow the procedure for filling out the UVSS Cheque Requisition Form as outlined on the UVSS
Students will submit the Cheque Requisition Form along with the original itemized receipt for their grocery


The SSD Treasurer in collaboration with the SSD Coordinators will keep track of the student participation in the program for administration and accounting purposes, and to prevent misuse.

Expectations of the Applicant

The applicant must review the current policy on the SSD website ( at the beginning of each semester to understand any changes to the program or enrollment procedures. Each application is only valid for 1 semester. You must reapply each semester.

To update your status or if you no longer need these services please email

To apply, visit our website at and find our Food Security Program application under our “Campaigns and Advocacy” page.

Internal Process

    Confidentiality CAN NOT be maintained as personal information will be shared between organizations involved in coordinating these programs (UVSS, SSD, Google sheets).
    The SSD staff and executive Council members will review and respond to enrollment for this program within 10 business days of receiving student enrollment.
    The cut off date for enrollment for the Grocery Reimbursement Program is Monday August 8th 2022 – Filled out cheque requisition and receipts must be received in a legible format by no later than Monday August 15th 2022. Cheques processing can take up to 3-4 weeks.