Call for submissions due December 18th: Crip Notes - Make Crip Resistance Soup

Our Crip Notes Issue #1:
Make Crip Resistance Soup
Call for stories
For disabled students
By disabled students
Deadline extended to December 18
For more details and submission, visit:

For many of us, to exist is to resist. Disabled students—especially those who are Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (QTBIPOC)—have been resisting the barriers imposed by ableism and advocating for our own rights and needs for decades. Despite the growing discourse on equity, diversity and inclusion, conversations surrounding disability continue to be cast aside or neglected.

While we are united by our lived experiences and connection with disability*, each of us experiences disability differently. In this first issue—‘Make Crip Resistance Soup’— we are seeking creative works that center the diverse stories and experiences of disabled students in higher education and relate to the following prompts:

In what ways have we been included in or excluded from academia?

How do we navigate the barriers and realities of an ableist education system?
How can we unite disabled students and allies in our teaching and learning spaces? What does allyship look like?
How might we shape a future that truly embraces us?
What ingredients do we need to make crip resistance soup?

Our Crip Notes hopes to reveal, celebrate and bring visibility to our stories that relate to personal or collective acts of resistance, our intersectional identities and community-driven moments. All creative and expressive works are welcome (including multi-sensory work, interactive and tactile pieces). Examples of mediums and genres we are looking for include but are not limited to:

Literary: poetry, short fiction, essays, a recipe
Visual: painting, drawing, photography, collage, sculpture, mixed-media, short films
Performance: film, dance, music
For all submission with visual or performance components, please include text describing your work.

Fifteen submissions will be selected for the zine and published on this website. Each selected submission will receive $75 CAD. Text, audio, and plain language versions of each essay will be published. Video and audio submissions will be captioned, if not included with submission.

*Disability refers to a broad range of identities and experiences. It is an umbrella term for a condition that affects a person's senses, brain, and/or body, and which restricts their ability to go about their daily life. Disabled includes all kinds of people: chronically ill, sick, housebound, immunocompromised, blind, partially sighted, D/deaf, Mad, neurodivergent, people with mental health issues etc.

Important Dates:

15 November: Call for Stories launch
18 December: Deadline for submissions
30 December: Selected contributors will be notified
First week of January 2021: Website launch (TBC)
Third week of January 2021: Virtual launch party (TBC)


Reach out to us at ourcripnotes(at)