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Strategies for Legal Professionals to Assist Clients with Mental Health Disabilities
Ottawa, Ontario
October 6, 2022
Join Reach Canada for a panel discussion with Anita Szigeti (founding lawyer of Anita Szigeti Advocates), Neha Chugh (founder of Chugh Law), and Kate Cunning (Canadian Mental Health Association – CMHA) for a panel discussion on how legal professionals can best support their clients living with mental health disabilities.
The session will be focused on three broad topics:

1. Identifying Clients with Mental Health Disabilities

Mental health is an “invisible disability”, and many clients may not be forthcoming regarding their mental health issues. Our panelists will discuss how to identify clients with potential mental health disabilities, how to discuss accommodating a disability in a sensitive manner, and how to approach addressing the stigma regarding mental health in certain communities.

2. Navigating the Challenges Working with Clients Struggling with their Mental Health

Legal professionals often face practical challenges when working with clients with a mental health disability, including difficulty taking instructions, and instructions that may be contrary to a client’s best interests. Our panelists will share their experiences navigating these challenges and tips for best assisting your clients, in keeping with ethical and professional obligations.

3. Best Practices for Supporting Clients with Mental Health Disabilities

Supporting a client struggling with a mental health disability often requires more than what a legal professional can provide. Our panelists will share resources, such as community organizations, services, and partners that are available to assist your clients.

This session has been approved by The Law Society of Ontario for 1 hour EDI Professionalism Content.

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