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Wellness Recovery Action Plan Group
Victoria, British Columbia
January 31, 2022[0]=AT1FveVk70-Hc0Ze9eDl2kibuBBq0RbLy360wIVoQKPr2dOc6JpwUILLr8I3rn0Zy9qtJjQxkwhA5U7FBWMVWVVK-oSi76JlOV6C6mCLShKPJlL8RhAXhmfZRqb1TIACIz8W99ULprpesX2WoD5pPTBg6dKeRkZZ72YuNV8CgeeSiuHAKLA0H2JTeLG8OsfngtFumTc
Our Wellness Recovery Action Plan Group is back! The WRAP program is a resource designed to help you cope with mental health challenges, even amidst the stress of being a student. We'll be hosting an online info session about WRAP on Monday, January 31st at 6:30 pm.

In WRAP, you will create an individualized action plan for maintaining wellness, learning from lapses in wellness, and building upon that foundation for lasting success. This group will be co-facilitated by two trained peers from Mental Health Recovery Partners, South Island over six weekly online sessions.
The SSD provides a bursary for 12 students to attend this program. Preference will be given to students who identify as having one or more disabilities; however, the SSD welcomes everyone to apply to this program. For more information, please contact Faye Lee at:

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