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Photo of The Honourable Steven John Fletcher

The Honourable Steven John Fletcher
Minister of State (Democratic Reform)


Photo of The Honourable Jennifer Howard

The Honourable Jennifer Howard
Minister of Labour and Immigration


Photo of Nancy Milroy-Swainson

Nancy Milroy-Swainson
Office for Disability Issues


Photo of Laurie Beachell

Laurie Beachell
Council of Canadians with Disabilities

Council of Canadians with Disabilities

Photo of Jason Dunkerley

Jason Dunkerley
Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability


Photo of Shari Thompson

Shari Thompson
University of Saskatchewan

Workin’ Your Job Search: You have a disability.

Photo of Randy Bolton

Randy Bolton
Reaching Equality Employment Services

Demystifying Disclosure and Job Accommodation

Photo of Heather Korol

Heather Korol
Reaching Equality Employment Services

Demystifying Disclosure and Job Accommodation

Photo of Faisel Saeed

Faisel Saeed
BMO Financial Group

Transitioning Successfully from Academics into the Business World

Photo of Blair Gosselin

Blair Gosselin
GE Canada

The GE Scholar-Leaders Program & Other Networking Opportunities

Photo of Carol Thiessen

Carol Thiessen
Manitoba Hydro

Best Practices for the Selection Interview

Photo of Sylvie Lirette

Sylvie Lirette
Université de Moncton

Working towards a successful transition from school to work

Photo of Nancy Moulday

Nancy Moulday
TD Bank Financial Group

Best of Both Worlds Tips and Stories: My Experience as a Recruitment Manager and as a Person with a Disability

Photo of Jeffrey Zavala

Jeffrey Zavala
York University

The Skilled Trades and Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and resources for person with disabilities

Photo of Jennifer Richardson

Jennifer Richardson
University of Regina

Struggle to Succeed

Photo of Jasmine Gillis

Jasmine Gillis
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Hard of Hearing at a small Liberal Arts University

Photo of Emma Arenson

Emma Arenson
University of Western Ontario

Standardized Testing and Accommodations

Photo of Adaptech Research Network

Adaptech Research Network
Adaptech Research Network

How are students with disabilities using social media, and how is NEADS responding?

Photo of Murdena Kolenko

Murdena Kolenko
Nova Scotia Community College

Learning Plans-A navigational tool for Adult Learners

Photo of David Fourney

David Fourney
Ryerson University

Introducing the Taskforce on the Graduate Disabled Student Experience

Photo of Elizabeth Chemiak

Elizabeth Chemiak
Brock University

Voices from the Borderland between Deaf and Hearing Culture: A Deafened Graduate Student's Experience with Accessibility

Photo of Mahadeo Sukhai

Mahadeo Sukhai

Evaluating Debtload and Financial Barriers for Students with Disabilities Within Canadian Postsecondary Education

Photo of David Holman

David Holman

Making the RDSP Work for You – Government Grants to Help People with Disabilities and their Families Save for the Future

Photo of Cara Wilkie

Cara Wilkie

Human Rights of People with Disabilities: Practical Strategies

Photo of Leah Simeone

Leah Simeone
University of Ottawa

From Ratification to the Real World: Bringing the CRPD to life in the Canadian Context

Photo of Margaret Sanderson

Margaret Sanderson
Brock University

Opening Doors - Involving Students with Disabilities in Accessibility Planning


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